Maintenance Programs

The Septic System Service Program has two goals…
Extend the Life of your Septic System & Protect Our Groundwater

Whether you have an existing septic system and you want to extend its life or a newly installed septic system that you want to protect from the beginning, New Jersey Septic Management Group can help you achieve this. Our 4 easy steps to proper septic system maintenance will protect your disposal field from clogging and protect the groundwater from septic pollution.

Click here to learn about the benefits of installing a septic tank effluent filter.

Service Programs are available for Conventional, Mounded, Peat Moss and Alternate Technology systems.

Septic System Service Program
4 Easy Steps to proper septic system maintenance

  1. Install a septic tank effluent filter as part of the SET UP charges.
  2. Install a riser and locking lid to bring all access lid(s) to the surface (grade) for ease of regular servicing as part of the SET UP charges.
  3. Enroll in our affordable, Septic system Service Program.
  4. Schedule septic tank pump-outs every 1-3 years, depending on number of occupants and household habits.


Set up charges:
To be part of our Septic System Service Program you are required to have:

    1. An EFFLUENT FILTER installed in the outlet baffle of the septic tank.

  1. ALL SEPTIC TANK ACCESS LID(S) MUST BE AT GRADE (not buried), using risers and locking lids for accessibility during septic system service visits.
    Note: If septic tank does not have a lid directly over the outlet baffle, a poly riser access port may have to be installed to reach the outlet baffle for filter installation and servicing.
  2. LANDSCAPE PACKAGE (optional). All extended PVC ports in the lawn are cut to grade, caps & tank lids are painted green to camouflage into the landscape.

Costs for these items is based upon an on-site evaluation of your septic tank and the overall septic system. Call our office to get individual item prices.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once NJSMG installs a septic tank effluent filter, it requires periodic cleaning. Septic tank filters work so well at collecting sludge and scum particles that they eventually clog. Left unattended, they will no longer allow septic wastewater to leave the tank and it will start to back-up into the house. Our Septic System Service Program will give you “Peace of Mind”, knowing that professionals are taking care of this important service.

Septic System Service Program:

“A la carte” pricing is available and based on the number of septic system components you would like us to service. Possible components for annual service checks: Septic tank(s), pump tank, other alternative technology tank(s) and inspection ports in the field. Contact our office for pricing, 908-874-4669.

Septic System Service Program visits include, but are not limited to:

  1. An 8-Point Septic Tank Check- data is recorded concerning the tank’s lid(s), riser(s), liquid level, thickness of scum and sludge layer, baffle conditions, tank leaks, cracks and any sewage run-back from the disposal field. Field tech. will advise occupants of any misuse or abuse. (once a year)
  2. An 8-Point Pump Tank Check – data is recorded concerning the lid, tank and inlet baffle conditions, Floats, pump & alarm operation, electrical connections and sewage buildup. (optional, once a year)
  3. Septic tank effluent filter will be cleaned. (twice a year)
  4. When the recommended septic tank pump-out date arrives, NJSMG can arrange it at your convenience. (every one to three years, depending on household size)


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