Why do I need to add additives to my septic system?

Excessive use of cleaning chemicals and anti-bacterial products can kill off the “good bacteria” in your tank. The addition of Bio-One can replenish these bacteria.

How am I benefiting by using this product?

Regular use of BioOne will result in your septic system working more efficiently over a longer period of time. Less money may be spent on repairs and maintenance. A longer life expectancy with fewer problems translates to saving you money.

How is this product different than some other nationally known brands?

Other brands may break down the septic tank contents but contain an emulsifier that allows the broken particles to get washed out of the tank. These particles float into drainage components causing clogging and leading to pre-mature septic system failure. BioOne is comprised of pure bacterial cultures and does not contain emulsifiers or additives of any kind. Using BioOne allows the solids to remain on the bottom of the tank to be removed during your next septic tank pumpout.

If this is eating up the solids in the tank, can I pump out my tank less frequently?

It is important to pumpout your tank on a regular basis. This should not be altered because you are using an additive. However, by using BioOne, you can experience fewer problems between pumpings (less clogging, fewer back-ups).

If this additive breaks up the solids, should I put a filter in my septic tank to prevent these solids from traveling out to the septic field?

Installation of an effluent filter is recommended for normal usage even without the addition of bacteria additives. BioOne does produce a lighter, fluffier sludge layer. During surges of water use (i.e.: multiple loads of laundry or emptying a whirlpool tub) sewage solids can migrate out of the septic tank. An effluent filter can catch most of the solids. This filter does require periodic cleaning to prevent back-up.

If you are putting back the “good bacteria” into my tank by using your Recycler Truck, why do I need to use additives?

The bacteria that is being added back is weakened by cleaning chemicals and excessive use of anti-bacterial products. The monthly addition of BioOne assures that your system contains sufficient populations of healthy microbes to combat the daily use of household chemicals while supporting the “good bacteria” returned to your system through our Recycler Truck, making them all stronger and more effective.

If the bacteria continue to live and reproduce, why do I have to keep adding it?

BioOne bacteria will reproduce throughout your entire septic system including the septic field. As BioOne microbes multiply and grow, others are dying due to various chemical exposures and as part of the natural life cycle. Regular application of BioOne assures that your plumbing and septic systems contain sufficient populations to be maintained in proper working order.

Is there any possible harm that it can cause my system?

The literature from the manufacturer does not list any negative results from regular use of this product. However, if a customer chooses to use BioOne instead of pumping out the septic tank or extends the length of time between septic tank pumpouts blockage or clogging may occur and the life of the septic system may be shortened.

Can I use this and not replace my failing system or do a necessary repair?

The manufacturer’s literature describes the benefits of introducing BioOne into sluggish and marginal systems. You should however, consult a septic system specialist to determine if further remediation is necessary.

If I am careful with what I put into my system and do not add bleaches or chemicals, do I still need an additive?

If a homeowner is careful about the use of their system and has good regular maintenance their system will operate with fewer problems but will work better and longer with the regular addition of BioOne.

Is it more beneficial to add Bio-One directly into the septic or just pour it down the drain?

When put in through the plumbing fixtures, BioOne is effective at maintaining the plumbing lines that lead to your septic tank. However, if there is a problem with the septic tank, it should be added directly through the main access opening and then followed by monthly maintenance through the plumbing fixtures.

How can I tell if this is helping my septic system?

A general lack of problems over the life of the septic system is difficult to be aware of since it is the occurrence of problems that is noticeable. However, BioOne has many different examples where its effectiveness has been demonstrated.